Fatima Jordan is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, and Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist Associate. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Rehabilitation Counseling at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. Known for the variety of her skills, she has a distinctive ability to connect with her clients from a place of authenticity and genuine concern.

Currently, she is based out of Greensboro, NC, where she owns her own private practice, which she first launched in May 2013 shortly after earning her Master of Science. A strong believer in the power of ongoing education, she routinely attends conferences and training sessions in the areas of mental health, counseling techniques, depression & anxiety, stress management and personal development coaching.

Fatima strives to create deep and long-lasting, positive change in all those with whom she crosses paths. Affected by her own experiences with anxiety and the personal effects and trauma of losing a significant other to suicide, Fatima truly believes in the importance of asking for and accepting help. Fatima is passionate about partnering with her clients to not only overcome their past, but to meet and exceed their life goals and aspirations.


Even if you’re still deciding if counseling is the right decision, I’m here to help!
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Life Coaching

This relationship is designed to make sure you tap into your full potential!
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Who are you supposed to be?

Many women have an unclear idea of what their life should look like, what they should be doing and of what their perfect life would look like.

For a lot of us, our “should be” life revolves round traveling a clear direction and path, being financially stable, being successful in our career, and having a loving significant other and family. What happens when our “should be” picture doesn’t quite line up with our present reality?

Throughout my work in counseling and life coaching, I have helped many women deal effectively with the pressures of life, depression, anxiety and the feeling of being unfulfilled.

Vibrant health, life fulfillment, joy, and happiness are all your divine rights.

I invite you on a journey to explore your thoughts, feelings, skill set and energy, and to learn about yourself. Together we can discover and rediscover your true potential and find balance in your life.

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